The Small Biz Tool Kit was developed and designed to provide Small Business with the tools necessary to survive and thrive in this poor economic climate. All our tools are either low cost or pay for performance products selected and designed specifically with the small business owner in mind. As every small business owner knows, if I cannot afford the service or product, then it has NO value to me or my business.

Why do we know this? Quite simply, the founders of The Small Biz Tool Kit are small business owners, having owned directly or have been employed by numerous small business owners. We know exactly what the challenges and frustrations are of most business owners. We know that local business groups, governments and chamber associations can only do so much to support small business in their communities. It is not their fault... it is our fault! It is OUR job to fix ourselves and to search out the best small business products to help OUR businesses.

As you move through our website, you will find useful products, articles, resources, and business opportunities that will help you succeed in business.  As we are all finding out, relying on corporate America and our government to provide us the tools or environment for success is a pipe dream. We ALL must take the "bull by the horns" and support ourselves and our local business partners.

Over the months to come, The Small Biz Tool Kit initiative will be expanding beyond the Midwest market nationally.  If you are an entrepreneur or are a small business owner looking to expand your market reach or business revenue, please contact us to join our team to provide products and services throughout North America.

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