SMALL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS

    On a daily basis, it is almost impossible to not see at least one television news story, hear a radio program or read in the newspaper about the stress small business is under in this economic recession.

    The American economy depends on small business for job growth, but it becomes almost impossible to grow jobs when the average small businessman is spending an inordinate amount of time on administration, operations, legal and financial related problems. That is where MySmallBizToolKit comes in!

    We have researched, interviewed, tested and contracted with some of the best third party providers in  America to bring, under one location, a comprehensive tool box of products for just about ANY small business need!

    In addition to being top quality providers, these affiliates also prescribe to our costing policy of either being very low cost or charge on a "pay for performance" basis.

    What does that mean to each small business we service? It means they get state of the art technology, consulting services, employee benefit products and balance sheet management programs that they can actually afford!!!

Below is a summary of the Small Business Solutions MySmallBizToolKit has to offer:

Accounts Receivable Financing Solutions- Bank Line of Credit, Factoring or Hybrid Programs. Your personal or company credit history is NOT a factor.

Equipment Financing Solutions- Standard and non-standard; capital or operating and sale-lease-back

Cost Segregation- Engineering study's that maximize real estate depreciation for increased cash flow

Debt Management and Restructuring- Robust program on reducing and restructuring accounts payable and debt of company's with sales above $1.5 million

Turnaround Management- Comprehensive consulting and financial critical care for business' at high risk

Employee Benefits- Life, health, disability insurance, retirement and life events legal plans. Employee or Employer Paid

Custom Web Design- from free 4 page sites to top of industry quality sites, search engine optimization and all at an affordable price

Business Management Support- Unlimited consulting for legal, marketing, insurance, finance, tax, technology & accounting

Web Based Tool Box- Learning Center, Employee Mgr, HR Docs, Business Plan, Time Management & Risk Assessment

Energy Purchases- Customer focused brokerage program for the wholesale purchase of gas and electric utilities in states that have de-regulation.

Credit Card Processing- state of the art and security compliant programs for companies of all sizes including POS equipment, software and ATM machines.

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