October 26th meeting will be at Suparossa Ristorante on Rt 53


Small Business Development & Mastermind Session Meetings



Starting in April 2011, RAPID FUNDING and it’s My Small Biz Toolkit division will be sponsoring a monthly meeting with Chicago area small businesses for the purpose and goal of strengthening the voice, the communication, the knowledge base and the networking of area small businesses.


As we all know, the current economic climate for small business is at a low point in modern history. Combined with the current deep recession, small business is under attack by State and Federal regulations, taxes, and lack of financial support. Small businesses are failing at a record rate with no end in site.


Our only hope is that we all work together to support each other through our actions and deeds. We cannot afford to be in competition with each other anymore. We need to band together as a synergistic force to support and aid those businesses that are struggling and to provide volunteered manpower, products and services to support the survival and growth of all small businesses in our area.

WHEN: 11:30am the last Wednesday of each month (the second Wednesday will be added at a later date)



WHERE: Suparossa's Ristorante 6310 S Rt 53, Woodridge, IL 630-852-1000


SIGN-UP:  CLICK HERE to sign-up for one of our many area functions


AGENDA*:    11:30-11:45am                        Welcome by Sponsor- Rapid Funding Corp

                        11:30- 1:00pm                         FREE lunch will be served

                        11:45-12:15pm                        Guest Speaker-Local Business Owner

                        12:15-1:00pm                          Mastermind Session**

                        1:00pm                                    Announce Raffle Winner

                        1:00pm til ?                             Networking Opportunity- Cost $12


This will be YOUR event. To make it a success, many must participate and many must invite business guests to grow our knowledge and support base.


* Network Opp fee will be collected at the door prior to event start.

** The Mastermind Session © will address real problems AND solutions for actual businesses in attendance at the event. This is the part you do not want to miss!


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